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About Club 1928

Club 1928 was created for people who want to live in the Spirit of Disney.  Club 1928 is to be a Happy Place, with positive thoughts and ideas!  Where we deal only in facts and fun...  no rumors here.   

What does "Disney" mean to you?   To us, Disney - simple put, is Magic!  It's not just a vacation spot, they don't just make movies, it's not about the toy in your kids Happy Meal.  It's all of these things and MORE!

Club 1928 was created by former Cast Members that miss the daily Magic that Disney Brings.   We tried to get our 'Disney Fix' online, through Social Media, but what we found were many pages that claim to love Disney, but post more negative than positive.    We found page after page spreading both Rumors and Drama.   So, we decided if we wanted it, so do others!    Club 1928 was born!